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Nearby Campbeltown was once the ‘whisky capital of the world’, with over 30 distilleries in the small town in its heyday! The town’s strong whisky heritage even inspired a song – Campbeltown Loch, made famous by the legendary Scottish singer, Andy Stewart.

Discover more about Campbeltown’s links with the whisky industry on a tour of one of the remaining distilleries, or take a trip to our newest distillery which is putting Kintyre on the map for gin.

Springbank Distillery Tour & Tastings

Springbank Distillery is one of only three remaining in Campbeltown and has been on the same site since 1828. Today, it’s the only distillery in Scotland to complete 100% of the whisky making on site, giving whisky enthusiasts a rare opportunity to see each and every step of the remarkable process.

Springbank offers a number of tours and tastings with knowledgeable guides and whisky makers. More info and booking here.

Glengyle Distillery Tour & Tastings

Glengyle Distillery is the home of Kilkerran Single Malt, and the sister distillery of Springbank. Founded in 1872 by the brother of the then owner of Springbank, Glengyle suffered greatly during the economic downturn at the beginning of the 20th century and eventually closed.

However, in 2005 – 75 years after it had last produced spirit – the distillery was re-opened by the original founder’s great-great nephew. Discover more about this history and production of Kilkerran on a tour. More info here.

Glen Scotia Distillery Tour & Tastings

One of the smallest whisky distilleries in Scotland, Glen Scotia retains much of its original 1830s design, including the mashtun, the stillroom and the warehouse.

Book a tour of the distillery or a tasting in the Victorian style shop and uncover the rich history of one of Campbeltown’s most famous exports. More info here.

Kintyre Gin Distillery Experience

The first bottle of Kintyre Gin rolled off the production line in 2017 and has already scooped many awards. You can visit the distillery to see where the magic happens and learn about the history of the Torrisdale Castle Estate, where the gin is produced.

There’s even a gin school where you can spend a day blending (and sampling) your own spirit, and a cafe serving up lunches, snacks and drinks. Don’t forget to check out the shop, which sells delicious local produce and – you’ve guessed it – gin! More info here.


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